Hi! I'm Kev Doherty, a photographer based in Brighton, UK. As this is such a photogenic place to live, you'll find on the Gallery section of this site a number of local images, seascapes, etc., but there are also many still-lifes and other pictures taken on my travels.

2011 saw us in our Brighton Open House in the Fiveways Group for the first time, during the Brighton Festival.This was a hugely exciting time and we were delighted to receive over 1000 visitors to our home over the 4 weekends! If you were one of our visitors, thank you so much for the great feedback you gave. Roll on next years festival!

All images are for sale. Please see the Prices section for further details.

If you like the site and the pictures, please take a moment to leave a comment on the Guestbook page. To contact me please send an email to mail@kevdoherty.co.uk. Look forward to hearing from you!